Must Serve Naked

Long-View-of-strawberries-from-Megan-300x108Photo Credit to Megan Kauffman

When I met my genius husband, a pilot, musician, ball room dance teacher, black belt karate instructor, the … list actually goes on… he was a bit intimidating. There was literally nothing he wasn’t good at. There were only a few things I had on him. (1) I was flexible. Yes flexible. I could touch my toes and he could not. (2) I knew how to throw things away, like receipts, pocket garbage, inherited rusty silverware. (3) I had made the switch to a vegetarian diet and he had not. In AFFAIRYTALE I wrote:
“Surely my genius boyfriend would see the folly in eating animals.”
“…to me, eating farm animals was the equivalent of eating the family pet. I could not, would not, eat it. Ever again. Nor would I buy it or prepare it, for anyone. On this, I could not budge.”

He did feel that the switch to a more plant based diet was a good thing he’d just never been motivated enough to do it on his own. I had to find a way to make my vegetarian way of life appealing to him.

Turns out, it didn’t take much. I initiated him with a few tablespoons of Ghirardelli coca, a caramel waterfall of agave nectar, a few ripe bananas and he didn’t even notice the silken tofu I’d blended in. I called it chocolate pudding then served it naked on the floor of his spare bedroom “sushi girl” style with strawberries and a can of whip. He’s been hooked ever since. On a vegetarian diet and me.

In my years of consulting with women whose number one desire was to lose weight, one of the biggest barriers to success were their husbands.

“He needs meat for dinner, every night.” They would say, “He won’t be happy without it.”
Well if the prospect of a naked wife covered in chocolate mousse feeding you strawberries and lapping up whip cream doesn’t make him forget about a steak dinner, then perhaps there are bigger problems. But if changing your diet to a more plant based, lower calorie lifestyle is your plan and you want to include him in on it, you might consider getting creative and naked for meatless Mondays.

My genius boyfriend did see the folly in eating animals and is now celebrating five years a vegetarian as I celebrate thirteen.
My favorite variation of this “Chocolate Mousse” is:

1 box firm silken tofu
2T G Ghirardelli coca powder
3-5 T Agave Nectar
1 ripe banana

Vary the ingredients to your liking; you can’t F this one up.


Wine Not?

wine balance zoom raptureWomen, wine and weight loss, the love-loathe relationship that deserves a little clarification. In my years of working with women and weight loss, one question always seemed to come up; can I drink alcohol and still lose weight? The usual answer was no, haven’t you heard of empty calories?

But there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Like Tequila, at 64 calories a shot, three shots in, and your three sheets to the wind for little more than 200 calories. That’s less than one slice of pizza! So if we’re strictly talking weight loss here, it’d be better to shoot em’ up than chow it down. But it’s as unlikely that you’ll see me on the front lawn with a salt shaker and slice of lime, as I’d see you. However, you will see me with a glass of wine. Red wine. Cabernet preferably. With my husband nearby.

Mine is not the majority opinion here, so use your good sense and decide for yourself what works for you. But I am willing to bet drinking wine after dinner with your husband is NOT the largest contributing factor to your inability to lose weight. If you love the juice as much as I do, but you think you have to give it up to lose weight, think again. Start by evaluating a few other factors first.

Start with excess sugar for example, the undisputed champion of fat storage; the heavy hitter producing love handles. One sugar cube is the equivalent of 4 grams of sugar. A typical nonfat yogurt has 20 grams. That’s 5 sugar cubes! Would you eat 5 sugar cubes at lunch if they were in the palm of your hand?

One NutriGrain cereal bar has the equivalent of 3 sugar cubes, and that fat-free, sugar-free latte you love isn’t sugar free, it has 20 grams of sugar on average, or 5 more sugar cubes. In the world of health and weight loss, the less sugar the better, but if you’re consuming over 30 grams of sugar (7-8 cubes) per day, you’d get the finger shake from your personal trainer and probably not lose much weight unless you’re training for a local marathon. Start reading labels and keep it under 30 grams of sugar a day.

So, how much sugar is in one generous glass of red wine? .9 grams. Yes you read that right, 0.9 grams. That’s equivalent to the granules left in your hand after merely handling a single sugar cube.

It is my non-scientific, completely unproven observation that my clients who drink red wine in the evenings are the ones who don’t binge eat after dinner, or eat ice cream at 10 pm. The wine drinkers are plenty satisfied with their elixir and don’t eat at night. The non-winos get their fix on other snacks that likely are much higher in calories and sugar than a glass or two of vino. If you remember anything about weight loss remember this…

The single worst thing you can do to sabotage your weight loss plan is to eat late at night. You can be sure that whatever you eat after 6pm is going to be stored on your @ss. So is having a yogurt (5 cubes) better than having two glasses of red wine in terms of weight loss? Some say all alcohol is evil and you won’t lose weight unless you give it up. I disagree. You decide.


A Modern Day Love Story

A Modern Day Love StoryRomeo and Juliet, Allie and Noah, Bella and Edward, these are the stories of forbidden love we never forget, stories that span decades, centuries even, and across generations. The heart ache these lovers endure seems to linger in us long after their tales have been told. Wild tales of far off lands and made up characters continue to have a profound impact on our hearts and our expectations of what true love should feel like. Does that kind of love only exist in fictional stories? Or can it reside in the hearts of a few lucky ones?

There was a time I didn’t know the answer to those questions but today I can say with absolute certainty that soul changing love really does exist. But like Juliet, you have to be willing to risk it all to have it. Even if you had to cheat and lie to have it, would you? You might abhor cheating and despise adulterers but given the chance to experience a life and love of that in fairytales, your choices might surprise you.

Let me pose a few questions to ask yourself, what are your favorite T.V. shows and movies? What do you have waiting for you in your DVR right now? Scandal? Grey’s Anatomy? Perhaps an old favorite like The Notebook? If you enjoy these shows or the dozens more like them, do you really loathe adultery? Or are you enthralled with passionate meant-to-be love stories and you find yourself rooting for the characters and forget about their indiscretions. T.V. ratings for these shows suggest that the latter.

AFFAIRYTALE is no different, you’ll find yourself immersed in an extraordinary love story and inadvertently cheering for the cheaters to find their happily ever after. AFFAIRYTALE is different in that unlike the movies, it’s is a real life love story. A true once-in-a-lifetime love that happened under the most impossible circumstances, but when love is meant to be, nothing can stop if from finding a way.

I told my story of forbidden love because I had to. It wouldn’t let me sleep at night, it wouldn’t let me shower or go for a walk by myself. No matter how I tried to write a different book, tell a fictional tale, make up a world of larger than life characters or devastated and tormented souls aching for true love…. I couldn’t. Then I realized I didn’t have to make up a story, I was the aching tormented soul, and so was he.

Our love was forbidden, adulterous and the most incredible love imaginable.